Potato Head Snowmen

Got snow? 
Got a toddler?
Got a potato head toy?

Then you too can have an awesome squadron of wee snowfolk in your yard.
We did this last year when Claire was 2 and not into the whole (long) process of proper snowman building. I set her up with smaller versions on a bench instead! We brought out a box of her potato head pieces and she had a great time pushing the parts into the snow and creating miniature snow people.


If you’re trapped inside during poor weather today (and according to the latest weather report about 1000 miles of the US is slated for nearly a foot of snow) why not bring in a few clumps of snow and try this indoors on a cookie sheet?

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14 thoughts on “Potato Head Snowmen

  1. your blog is lovely! so glad I had the chance to stop by. 🙂 this is SUCH a cute idea. bookmarking it for when we're back home in the cold (Canada)

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