Fun in the snow


Much to the dismay of her parents, Claire has figured out how to climb the dining room chairs. This means that NOTHING is out of reach anymore. Not the folded laundry, not the camera…not your drinks…not the poor cat trying to nap on the table runner…


Of course now that Claire has figured out how to get up on the “big girl” chairs, that’s all she wants to do. Poor kid. Poor resourceful DSC_0013kid – the second we turn our backs, she’s on a chair or pushing a chair close to whatever has caught her eye (namely the ornaments on our tree).

As a peace offering for saying “no” all day long today, I took her out for a walk in the snow. It was freeeezing, so we only walked down to the end of the driveway before turning back to play in the front yard. Claire tasted DSC_0022the snow, tried to pull her mittens off and generally seemed to enjoy herself. This is quite an improvement over the last snow adventure where she cried – I think she hated the deep snow because she couldn’t walk in it.

So tomorrow is sure to be another adventure. If anyone has tips on entertaining a VERY active toddler when the weather is too cold and she wants to climb everything – I’m all ears!


2 thoughts on “Fun in the snow

  1. Oh she looks like such a big girl!!! And so cute with her little red nose! I want to come make snow angels with her! I really need to find these old pictures of us as children! We have cute snow suit pictures that I remember.

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