Friday’s Films

Make sure you have your sound up for this first one! We took trip to Barnes & Noble in search of some new reading material. I picked up Big Smile, Baby thinking Claire would like some of the smiling faces inside. Here she is jabbering away and enjoying herself. You can watch her play “Peek A Boo” with the monkey and poke at the baby’s photo.

This is just a cute 30 second clip of Claire being sweet, lots of smiles and some walking thrown in. She’s strutting her stuff in a cutesy pink outfit handed down from Kelly’s daughter Kaitlyn! You can click on the butterfly below to view the rest of the videos on the blog’s youTube channel.


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Films

  1. I can't get over how well Claire is walking around. I'll bet she is a lot of fun to read to and to have her “read” to you. I have loved all of the photos and videos this past week. My favorites are of the camping trip. You guys are very, very brave.

    Love, A.Annie

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