All Fours, And Fifths

Eeek! Claire has SPOTS. Tons of them…all over her body. They appear and then seem to vanish, I think I’m going crazy.

It turns out she caught fifth’s disease which aside from producing a nice rash, doesn’t add up to much else. Phew! Grandbob got it first and was a bit miserable, but other than “glowing” Claire hasn’t had any side effects. At least we got this one out of the way early! The rash didn’t seem to bother Claire at all, but it sure freaked out Mom & Dad. I took pictures to bring to the doctor’s office because the rash kept coming and going – a common occurrence I’m told, but I was about to lose my mind.

To address the other part of this entry’s title – Claire is up on all fours! She’s rocking like crazy while on her hands and knees and we’re expecting her to get the knack of things any day now.

Grandceil and I noticed her knees going forward yesterday but the arm part of this equation is still missing, hence many, many faceplants (which is why Claire is in her “piggy pen” as we call it).

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