California Girls (and boy)

We’re back from our wonderful weekend in San Diego and while we have HUNDREDS of pictures to share with our loyal blog fans, the vacation tornado swept through the house while we were gone so there is lots of cleaning to do first.

Here are a few pics to “wet” your appetite:

4 thoughts on “California Girls (and boy)

  1. Fabulous! I missed having my daily Claire fix. Looks like you had fun. That little one sure likes the water. Hugs all around!

  2. two pictures?!?!? that's it?! you're gone for 5 days and we get two pics?! haha. very cute=) she looks like she had a blast!

  3. Oh my I wonder who shot that amazing family portrait! You all look so happy! hehehe I want to see the pics of me and my beautiful niece! I have to get you the video and the pics whenever I can find time! So where's our next family trip to?

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