No Smiles Today

There are no smiling pictures of Claire to post today because there is not a smiling baby to be found in this house. Poor kiddo, she’s definitely in the throes of teething and there is nothing that is making her happy. I actually took her to the doctor yesterday to rule out an ear infection. I get them pretty bad myself so I was hoping that wasn’t causing her discomfort.

Saturday night around 3:30 she work up SCREAMING and could not be soothed. I strapped her into the Ergo and did the “mommy jiggle” and eventually she just passed out. This is actually the first time this has ever happened so don’t feel too badly for us.

Dan and I looked at each other on Sunday morning and said “is this what people go through for months at a time?” We have been blessed with such a happy baby, she would wake up (even as a newborn) with a few squeals or coos and then nod back off to sleep once she nursed.

After a repeat performance of the 3AM howls on Sunday night, I marched her off to the doctor (ugh…the dreaded “sick child” waiting room) and he recommended trying a carrot to gnaw on. Oh, did I forget to mention she no longer wants anything in her mouth, including me? If you’ve nursed a child before – you know it’s a mutual need to nurse. Eeek…I was about ready to explode.

The carrot seemed to provide some comfort (or distraction), so I snapped a few photos of her. Maybe I’ll put these teary-eyed pictures in an Easter card and ship them off to family.

Claire slept well last night (quite the sigh of relief from the Daddy who did not want to sleep in the guest room again) and we’re hoping tonight goes well too. We’ve stocked up on baby orajel and threatened the baby deportation via gypsy (haha, remember when we used to tell you that Laurie?). I’m sure we’ll all sleep well tonight.

4 thoughts on “No Smiles Today

  1. And this is why Aunt Laurie is a gypsy now!! I was traumatized!!! 🙂 Don't worry Claire you can come live with Aunt Laurie! And I noticed Claire is sporting a cool running outfit with hood that her coolest Aunt bought her!! Sorry Mcmanda and Nicki!

  2. yeah- i notice gina apparently threw out all the clothes i got claire–I've yet to see her wear one outfit i bought her:( whatever. i'll dress her when she gets older because mommy can't do anything about that!

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