Ireland Week 2

I’m writing this entry sitting on the train about to depart for Galway. Apparently, I’ve timed my visit to Western Ireland to perfectly coincide with another storm, many of the passengers are on cell phones discussing the unusual weather this fall, much of which I’ve seen on my visit! We’ve witnessed the front page news hurricane that hit the southern coast of Ireland when we were in Wexford, an early icing in Dublin that made for a treacherous playground trip, and now this! I’m hoping all this fuss about the storm bound for Galway is just the another overreaction on the part of the Irish who only know fair weather. I’ve decided to call all of this stormy weather “rainbow opportunity weather.” Case in point:

Brey was a gorgeous town with a cliffside path and beautiful views of the sea. Unfortunately, I turned back after a few minutes because of insane winds and rain. On the way back down to the car a rainbow appeared! We were able to see end to end but just couldn’t seem to find that pot of gold. This is one of the few times I’ve seen both ends, and yes it was a double rainbow! If you missed the pop culture reference search YouTube for “double rainbow” and enjoy one man’s exuberant reaction (that may be too light of a word) to a double rainbow over one of America’s National Parks.

The sun peeping out from behind the storm clouds made for some interesting lighting. The tufts of grass just seemed to glow. I found a small footpath to follow down the hill and came upon an unmarked ruin, perhaps a home or church?

The waves were ridiculously huge and violent, what a site! Watching the sea birds in the wind was fantastic, they barely had to flap their wings.

Galway adventures to follow, Claire and I have just arrived for our little solo trip and will be walking about the city and doing some day tours in the west.

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