Dining, Sleeping & Playing Al Fresco!

We’re back from our yearly trap shoot/camping trip! Things went so well with Claire, I’m really glad we did a trial run recently. Having the pack ‘n play was awesome, but
the biggest difference was the other kids and teens for Claire to play with. Ginny, 15, was especially helpful (thank you AGAIN if you’re reading this!) and Claire just adored her. I wish I had snapped a photo of the two of them, we’ll have to wait for next year!

Most of the families camping had dogs so Claire had lots of animals to chase after, not to mention all the kids. She slept so well while camping, probably a combination of cool air and tons of exercise. We upgraded from a thermarest to a twin air mattress making things much more comfortable for Mommy & baby while nursing at night.
Our friends James and Cat watched Claire on Sunday so Mommy and Daddy could terrorize the orange birdies on the trap field together, and we even found time to ride the old Yamaha dirt bike. Cat got her first dirt bike lesson and next year she’ll be zooming around with the kiddos

Enjoy the captioned slide show below, my time for posting with commentary is limited – Claire is pulling on my pants looking for some attention.


3 thoughts on “Dining, Sleeping & Playing Al Fresco!

  1. yes soooo much fun this past weekend and it really was no problem at all watching that little ball of energy run around and face-plant in the grass all day haha and you missed a couple of good photo moments…robyn (not jeff's wife, but steve's) put her on their dog, lacey's, back and she just went off and rode her like a mini pony…it was the cutest and jeff had her on the quad for a little ride around camp- i think she really loved it! i can't wait for next labor day, it seems like too long of a time for it to pass! =[

  2. Hey, Claire, I hear that you have been hanging around with your new friend, Al Fresco. Is he the one who made you the Rigatonis? You sure look like you were having fun. When do you get to go again?

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