Taking Ireland by Storm

I’ve been posting photos of our trip to Ireland to Facebook but thought Id
better share a few here as well! Claire and I are having a grand time and have enjoyed spending the past few days with the Admirand family and all their pets. Claire is just loving the dogs, especially the sweet natured pointer, Belle…unless Belle is trying to hop into Claire’s bed in which case Claire throws all of her weight (all 30 pounds or so) into a shove that never seems to evict the needy-snuggler, Belle.

We’ve spent the last four days locally in the Rathfarnham area celebrating Kaitlyn’s birthday, exploring the Wicklow Way, and just hanging out and catching up. There’s been a good deal of fighting and loving as you can expect from four children under one roof, but Claire has greeted each new day with a smile and “where are my friends?!”

Jack who is in second grade (or second class as they say here) is tolerating Claire’s affection very well, she’s always on the lookout for him and will slip her arms around his neck in her chokehold version of a hug whenever he’s off his guard. Four year old Kaitlyn and Claire either play really sweetly or are engaged in a tug of war over some toy or another, quite on par for the age and family standing. And last but not least, my uber snuggly Godson Chris and Claire have been caught numerous times snuggling on the couch…until Claire snapped the arm off a lego dude. She still hasn’t been forgiven for that one but things seem to be on the mend.

This weekend we’re having a girls only trip down in County Wexford. This is the first time I’ve been to the coast of Ireland (aside from Belfast) and I’m hoping the weather holds out for us. We’ve packed some rain gear for the girls and are keeping our fingers crossed that the “hurricane” heading for us isn’t too bad. And here is my favorite photo so far:

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2 thoughts on “Taking Ireland by Storm

  1. I am so glad you are having such a wonderful time! I can't wait to hear all about it in Claire's words when she gets home. Hope you aren't getting too wet there,here it is cold rainy and even some snow and hail today.

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