In Praise of the Humble Avocado

Oh Happy Day, I have found something Claire is super enthusiastic about eating! Here are some sweet pictures of her chowing down on an avocado. In addition to being loaded with tons of good fats – it comes with its own serving container! Although I don’t have any dishes to wash it seems someone needs there hair washed, oh well. I was a bit skeptical … Continue reading In Praise of the Humble Avocado

Santa Baby!

Today Hilltop was holding a photo session with Santa to support Project Self-Sufficiency in Sparta, NJ. We dressed Claire up in one of her festive Christmas outfits (there are multiple ones) and headed out for a snapshot. She didn’t cry…but like Skylar (just ask Bob & Ceil) she was so excited she pooped herself. Here’s a photo of the damage. Heehee! It was quite bad, … Continue reading Santa Baby!