Independent Creativity

I’ve been nursing a nasty tooth infection that led to a root canal and a few days of some pretty strong painkillers. I’m off all the crazy stuff now, but still a bit sore so I have been sleeping in a bit and not the most “present” of parents. Ping-ping the penguin here to cheer me up. Love his flipper feet! Claire presented me with … Continue reading Independent Creativity

Pattern Playtime

  When I hear the sound of plastic beads hitting the art room floor I cringe…it usually means that for the next 3 days I’ll be vacuuming up accidentally scattered beads from the entire house (and it sound like machine gun fire, I’m sure it’s not good for my vacuum). Sometimes though, there’s a creative mathematician on the loose who must be loocking for something … Continue reading Pattern Playtime

The perfect pet for preschoolers…bring back the pet rock!

Knee deep in fall bulbs and covered (COVERED!) in dirt I was patting myself on the back this afternoon for cultivating Claire’s imagination with lots of fresh air and freedom and unstructured play. She was constructing this elaborate house for Rocky, her pretend friend. Daddy was busy fixing the greenhouse and donated lots of leftover 2×4 bits and a few soft bits of wild onion … Continue reading The perfect pet for preschoolers…bring back the pet rock!


Persistent, obsessed, manic…these might be the words to describe Claire’s new found insistence on independence. Any attempt to help is met with foot stomping, eyebrow scrunching and an adamant – “I do it myself!!” The latest battle of wills is over zipping up the coat. I’m doing my best to leave time before outings so Claire can work it out herself. Most of the time, … Continue reading Do it MYSELF!

In Praise of the Humble Avocado

Oh Happy Day, I have found something Claire is super enthusiastic about eating! Here are some sweet pictures of her chowing down on an avocado. In addition to being loaded with tons of good fats – it comes with its own serving container! Although I don’t have any dishes to wash it seems someone needs there hair washed, oh well. I was a bit skeptical … Continue reading In Praise of the Humble Avocado