Thoughts on Failure and Honesty

It’s confession time –  Sometimes I’m discouraged when I read other people’s blogs – especially creative blogs where every resulting project is perfect and looks like Martha Stewart helped in the final styling. I’m dying to know what happens behind the scenes. Do they ever mess up? Is their house a disaster?  Mine is. But I’ve shown you those pictures before. For posterity though: Someone … Continue reading Thoughts on Failure and Honesty

Cave Cricket Chow Down

Poor Claire, she got her first taste of insect protein tonight (at least we believe she did). Lil’ crawler was hanging out on the floor and snacking on what Dan and I thought were some leftover “O’s.” She crawled over to her Daddy for a snuggle and Dan said, “what’s that on her chin?” It was half a cave cricket leg…ewwww. Have the shivers? Here’s … Continue reading Cave Cricket Chow Down

Santa Baby!

Today Hilltop was holding a photo session with Santa to support Project Self-Sufficiency in Sparta, NJ. We dressed Claire up in one of her festive Christmas outfits (there are multiple ones) and headed out for a snapshot. She didn’t cry…but like Skylar (just ask Bob & Ceil) she was so excited she pooped herself. Here’s a photo of the damage. Heehee! It was quite bad, … Continue reading Santa Baby!