In Praise of the Humble Avocado

Oh Happy Day, I have found something Claire is super enthusiastic about eating!

Here are some sweet pictures of her chowing down on an avocado. In addition to being loaded with tons of good fats – it comes with its own serving container! Although I don’t have any dishes to wash it seems someone needs there hair washed, oh well.

I was a bit skeptical about avocado since I hate guacamole, but even I enjoyed a sample of today’s dinner, I can only describe the taste as “neutral,” there didn’t seem to be an overwhelming flavor at all. Claire ate nearly a quarter of the fruit, which has to be the most solid food she’s ever had in a sitting – I’ll let you know what her diaper looks like tomorrow!

It’s been a while since I posted about what has been on Claire’s menu. Some of her favorite things right now include sweet potatoes, inch long macaroni (shared with Daddy of course), carrots, cheeries and bananas.

Pears, prunes and pureed foods top the current “yucky” list. Claire loathes being spoon fed unless it’s something we’re eating. Maybe she’s suspicious we’re feeding her mashed cave crickets? 🙂

It seems these first finger foods are a “taste” of independence for her, and they make for some fantastic photos. Want to see more avocado photos? Click here to view the online album.

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