Our Christmas Dinner Adventure!

Ingredients for a Christmas adventure: a smoking oven from that toy your toddler hid in its depths a stomach bug that said toddler shared with Grandma Caca who now cannot leave the couch a grocery store that closed earlier than expected leading husband to announce: “Honey, let’s play Food Network challenge!” Oh my gosh. So…we have no where to cook the giant 24 lb. turkey, … Continue reading Our Christmas Dinner Adventure!

Nan & Pop Come to Town

The great-grandparents were in town to meet baby Claire. In addition to posting how sweet they thought she was (very) and how much they enjoyed their time with her (“she’s so precious!”) I thought it would be fun to post some of the rather interesting songs Nan sang to her. See-saw, rockity doorWho’s there?ClaireWhat do you want?A glass of beer! Your guess is as good … Continue reading Nan & Pop Come to Town