Nan & Pop Come to Town

The great-grandparents were in town to meet baby Claire. In addition to posting how sweet they thought she was (very) and how much they enjoyed their time with her (“she’s so precious!”) I thought it would be fun to post some of the rather interesting songs Nan sang to her.

See-saw, rockity door
Who’s there?
What do you want?
A glass of beer!

Your guess is as good as mine as to what “rockity door” is. As for the glass of beer…who knows? Claire enjoyed Nan’s singing and I suppose that is what counts most.

This picture of Pop holding the baby should impress all those who know him.

This man did not hold his own daughter until she was able to walk and his granddaughters until they were about 9 months old. It took some cajoling to get him to hold his wobbly-headed great-grandbaby but it was worth the effort. She LOVED his hat and quieted whenever he came by to peek at her.

This is Claire shaking Pop’s hand – too cute! Another favorite song was:

How do you do my partner?
How do you do today?
We will dance in a circle,
I will show you the way!
Boom Boom!

The “boom boom” at the end has to be reinforced with a tickling poke to baby’s tummy of course!

Here’s Claire about to enjoy her first dessert…well not really but it was fun to pretend seeing as how the cake was nearly as big as she was.

4 thoughts on “Nan & Pop Come to Town

  1. I am still in total shock here ! If I didnt see it I wouldnt believe it ! Pop holding a baby ! Next thing ya know he will be babysitting on his own and changing diapers.Proves it is never to learn new skills.Claire as always looks adorable and I hope she behaved for the greats. Grandma Ca Ca

  2. These photos are just too darned cute! And, I loved the songs. I think that Claire's Greats look twenty years younger with her in their arms. I hope that it works for me, too. G.A. Ann

  3. What a great set of pictures!

    Actually Grandpop Cherill sang the See Saw song with “rockety daw”. We have to Google that one!

    Sorry we missed seeing Ann & Jim with Claire. Hugs to all

    GBob & GCeil

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