First Father’s Day

I intended to post these photos a bit earlier, but we’ve been without power and the internet (again) due to a storm. We had a lovely BBQ for father’s day and Claire had all the important guys in her life present – her father, grandfather and her great-grandfather. If ever there was an excuse to get out the camera – this was it.

After a few rounds of cards with a mix of Jersey/Long Island rules (dubbed “Staten Island” rules by Laurie I believe) we all chowed down to a meal cooked on the grill. If Claire inherits these card shark genes, I think we’re all in trouble.

In addition to photos with all the guys in her life, Claire patiently posed with her parents for a few family shots. I fancied them up in Photoshop because I know some of you love that B&W look. The original photos are all here in my Picasa album.

3 thoughts on “First Father’s Day


    DO NOT DROP MY NIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love that picture of the boys and claire bear!!

  2. I look different? The sausages sort of caught fire…maybe I look a bit smoked 😉 It's probably just my hair pulled back so tightly.

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