Future Photographer?

Aunt Nikki and Uncle Matt gifted Claire a digital camera for her birthday and she couldn’t love it more! We’ve been teaching her some photography techniques, first – get low and try to shoot at your subject’s eye level. The tummy wriggle is especially effective when trying to creep next to the grandparent’s elusive kitties.

Review your images, but keep in mind the LCD screen does have its limitations, look for composition rather than exposure. I’m still learning that lesson myself.

Claire demonstrates with cousin Aidan the tenants of excellent child photography: get low, shoot lots, no flash and let the baby see themselves on the screen.

I might have to give Claire her own little corner of this blog pretty soon. The camera holds 1000 images and many are worth sharing. It’s interesting to look through the photos and see the world according to Claire. There are shots of me cooking, the colored threads in the braided rug she loves to look at, a stack of crayons, the polar bears she photographed (on my Ipad) after watching “Go Diego, Go!” and lots of other interesting objects from her perspective.

Claire’s corner has a nice ring to it, perhaps I’ll make it a section to share her artwork and the “notes” she’s been busy writing.

6 thoughts on “Future Photographer?

  1. Hi Rachelle!

    We've got the Fisher Price Kid Tough camera and I would definitely endorse it! It has been dropped a billion times and keeps on working. The picture quality isn't fantastic (as you can see) but it's fun and the LCD screen on the back is a decent enough size for Claire to see the photo she just took.

    For a little kid, it's perfect. Amazon carries it for around $40 and there's a version by VTech for $35…I'm sure they're comparable.

    Maybe if enough of us get together we could start a young photographer's flickr group!

  2. Thanks so much! $40 is a great price — much better than I expected for a digital camera that holds 1000 pictures. A flickr group would be hilarious. Count me in! (I don't know what happened with my email? It's radoorley (at) gmail.com.)

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