Learning Activity Round Up

I’m getting such great ideas from all the other parents at home with their “littles.” Check out the  “Tot School” and “Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers” for more ideas and weekly wrap ups.
Here’s a recap of our learning moments from the past week, be sure to click on the titles or pictures for full the full post and more photos.
DSC_0220 Healthy Eating

I love having Claire in the kitchen with me and concocting a healthy, yet sweet and crunchy sweet for Valentine’s Day was a major accomplishment this week. These apple chips were so simple, cheap and super cute.

Art Time: Family Portrait

I am beyond excited at Claire’s artistry. She just started drawing figures and I had to frame her first family portrait. The detail she’s putting into them (not always recognizable but always explained to me in great excitement) just cracks me up.

Art Time: Holiday Decorating

Crafty Claire strikes again! My front door is decked out in a glittery, poofy, pink wreath. Did I mention the glitter? There is no way Cupid will miss this house. We spent a lot of time with our liquid watercolors and heart shaped paper cutouts. This week I introduced the stapler and Claire had a ball stapling the tissue paper to the wreath. This is going to be a favorite (supervised) activity for sure.


Science and Nature

The last time Audubon’s “Birds of America” hit the auction circuit, it fetched $10 million — luckily Claire is happy with the free version from our library! This was our very first non-fiction checkout from the juvenile section. A very happy morning was spent observing the happy (fat!) birds at our feeder and finding their page in the guide book.


I came across a few great (and free) fonts to share. The “pictobet” is all caps and each letter is shaped into an artistic, yet totally readable picture. We’re still working on a proper pencil grasp, but I’m not pushing it because Claire is only 3. Coloring these pages has been tons of fun and if anyone would like some worksheets made with these, just give a holler!

In the Kitchen

To encourage the birds to gather at our feeding stations we whipped up some easy, no cook suet. Claire was excited to help gather all the ingredients and help “write” the recipe on the kitchen chalkboard (She traced my letters with her fingers). We molded the suet in tupperware, heart shaped silicone molds and free formed a bunch. Claire spent a nice morning hanging them throughout the yard. This tied in really nicely to the book we checked out of the library!

The Nature Table

I’ve been so inspired by nature tables throughout the blogosphere. We don’t have the room for a dedicated space, but this little corner is pleasing to all of us. Claire has been sorting all her collections and there have been some interesting games using the rocks and birch rounds…I’m not privy to all the rules but Claire tells me, “it’s rock ring around the rosy Mommy.” I’ve introduced the word “classify” and it seems to have stuck!

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