Ok You Claire Blog Addicts :-)


We’ve been working on a little something here so you have to cut us some slack! SOMEONE is learning to use the potty and it’s a bit time consuming, but we’ve gone almost a week without a dirty diaper. And by dirty I mean poo…sorry no way around that one! Claire signs “potty” even when she’s farting and runs over to sit on the john. Other than an accident when Dan was on “duty” she’s been doing great.

Let’s hope for a diaper free baby come summer! Oh, these photos? Yes, I will be using them as her high school yearbook ad. It will be full page and absolutely fantastic.

DSC_0037 copyDSC_0042

4 thoughts on “Ok You Claire Blog Addicts :-)

  1. hahah you're so mean!!! Adorable pics though-I guess they will be kinda cute in her yearbook haha.
    Will you brush her hair please?!?!

  2. Great hairdo. I hope she not going to make you pay for taking these pictures one day.

    It's great that Claire is doing so well with the potty training. Keep the good work Claire.

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