First Steps!

DSC_0073Claire took her first steps yesterday (Sunday, July 27) – hooray! I was in the living room with Claire and after spending SIX hours in the car she was so happy to get some floor time in. She pulled herself up on a dining room chair and then did a little two-step in place and then ventured forward with the other foot. I scrambled to find Dan so he could see, but the show was over. Fast forward to this afternoon when I was sitting on the ground and Claire WALKED from my ankles, three steps and then fell into my arms with a huge smile on her face (total distance traveled was maybe 2 feet). DSC_0078

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture Claire’s first steps (contrary to popular belief, I don’t always have the camera trained on her) but here are a few new snaps of her standing outside last night. In the first picture where she’s showing off her crouching skills, I think she was after a bug In the second picture I gave her a nasturtium to hold…which she promptly ate. I guess the spiciness doesn’t bother her! So much for my prop though .

2 thoughts on “First Steps!

  1. yayy for first steps!! That's because Aunt Mcmanda took her for a long walk by the creek yesterday=) She gained her walking muscles=P
    And blahh for the spicy flowers–she must like spicy foods those things are terribly spicy!!

  2. WHAT!?!?!?!? And no phone call???? How dare you?!? I've spoken to you like 20 times and no one told me that Claire Bear has taken her first step towards independence ;)! Yay for you Claire! Dan and Gina you are now in big trouble good luck…hehehehe!!

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