How to Make Spelling Practice Fun

Three times each on paper is so passé – paint your spelling words instead!

Remember how I raved about the Buddha Board when Claire was 3? It was a mess free painting experience and much beloved by both my preschooler AND all the adults in our lives. Now that Claire is nearly 8 the Buddha Board is still going strong and used all the time for spelling practice (and doodling of course!)DSC_0835

This is one of those “toys” that is not traditionally recommended for toddlers and preschoolers, (I can’t see why – it’s only water and rice paper) but I’ve found Claire has been a responsible user. I provide a small creamer of water and allow her to fill the container. The brush has a built in resting place on the stand, the board leans back at a 30 degree angle for easy painting. It’s a really fantastic little self-contained unit and fits nicely on our end table in the living room. The high contrast of the water against the rice paper is awesome – it’s such a vivid, if temporary piece of artwork.

buddha board for kidsUPDATE: September 2015 — there is a kid-friendly version of the Buddha Board now with a full length lip to catch drips. It comes in a bunch of awesome colors too! Check it out on Amazon.

I predicted back in 2011 that it would be a great tool for handwriting and early literacy activities, but I never would have guessed how much my now 8 year old would adore the Buddha Board for spelling practice.

No buddha board? Try a chalkboard or thick construction paper.


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