Spray Paint Valentine’s Cards


Part of the joy of creating art is the process. In fact, the process IS the joy and the whole purpose in much of the preschool art experience. Exploring materials, experimenting with different techniques — this is where the excitement is at! Here’s our take on a process oriented Valentine.

To concentrate your tongue MUST be sideways. It’s a fact.

I’m working with a three year old who is scissor impaired at the moment so I cut out the hearts (from old Christmas cards!) and she taped them onto some heavy duty watercolor paper. Have stencils? Cookie cutters? Anything like that would work too.


I filled four small spray bottles with liquid watercolors (watered down) and and let Claire spray away. Target has these little bottles in their travel section for under a buck – they are perfect for this project or for the young helper who loves to clean with Mommy. I think the hearts with the least amount of spray looked the most interesting.

I’ve got a “Valentine Creation Station” set up on our kitchen table. Bits of tissue paper, stickers, lots of pink crayons and our alphabet stamps. I spelled out “love” on the chalkboard and Claire has been busy stamping pieces of paper with LOVE. Now that she’s got the spelling and stamping down pat, we’ll work on the interior of these cards during the week.


For more Valentine’s Day goodies , check out our DIY Heart Stamps using building blocks, hanging heart yarn ornaments, the swanky pink tissue paper wreath and my recipe for Heart Shaped Apple Chips.

If you’re looking for more process oriented Valentine’s day card ideas (or just cruising for great art projects with children) you must check out The Artful Parent, she’s got a great roundup of crafty V-Day activities here.

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13 thoughts on “Spray Paint Valentine’s Cards

  1. Thanks everybody, I really loved the way these turned out too. I've got a stack of paper and a few more stencils ready to go for tomorrow's icy weather. I can't wait to see other people's twists on this project, send along a photo if you try this out and I'll share it 🙂

  2. Wow–these are gorgeous. I've got to try this with Juliet before Monday! I love how you emphasize the process–it's pretty much the whole point at this age. And I'm with you with the scissor impaired child! 🙂

  3. Thanks so much! My daughter is supposed to make 12 valentines for her classmates to bring in to school on Valentine's Day, and these look like the perfect combination of fun and art, while also being compatible with a 3-year-old's attention span! We don't have watercolors, though… I guess we'll give it a try with watered-down temperas…

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