Garden Gnomes and Garden Toads

Getting dirty is a skill set Claire especially excels at.

The muddy project Claire is working on in the photo above was inspired by a book we checked out from the library about gnomes.  Claire was enthralled by it, and I must admit that I was as well. Growing up, I absolutely

Gnomes by Will Huygen

LOVED the Nickelodeon show “David the Gnome.” Turns out the whole show was based on this book by Will Huygen. The illustrations were beautiful and I thought the premise of the story (and the gnome interviews) were endearing. The fact that we found this in the non-fiction section (it was in the oversized book collection) has convinced Claire that gnomes are really, truly, real. 

Forgetting the fairy houses of last week, Claire wanted to build a gnome house complete with a barn for a toad she found, surely the gnomes would enjoy transportation via hopping?

I think her construction technique was spot on. Lots of “logs,” mud to glue them all together and a thatched roof made of leaves. The toads in the yard are quickly learning to avoid the grass when Claire is afoot, this little one was forced to “enjoy” the barn she built. He hopped away a while later, but I’m not sure he actually disliked the place.

While Claire played with mud, I worked on getting dirty myself. The side garden is almost finished. Lots of mulching left and a few more plants to go in the shady area and I’m done. I think I’ve personally planted about 95 shrubs and that’s not counting the ones we put in during the fall months (thank you Lowes for the AWESOME clearance steals). Now I’m spraying them all with putrid smelling junk because the deer near my house pay zero attention to tags labelled, “deer resistant.”

My freezer better be stocked with venison this year since I’m providing so much food for them.

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10 thoughts on “Garden Gnomes and Garden Toads

  1. I was looking through some of your blog posts on this site and I believe this web site is really informative! Keep on putting up.This site is really helpful for us.

  2. i love it. such imagination they have! i absolutely love to watch them think our designs and such – my daughter makes homes for crabs and frogs and herons…the animals they cling to is fun too.

  3. My son loved playing in the mud too. Funny, because he usually hates being dirty…mud seems to be his exception.

    We are looking for a house with a yard and when we have one I cannot wait to get dirty gardening, building fairy/gnome homes, nature sculpture, etc. with him outside.

  4. Don't forget you can adopt a little area in a park, we used to construct little fairy houses a few steps off a path in our state park — there is mud and fun to be found everywhere! Good luck on your house hunt, there's nothing better than being able to open your doors and send the kiddos out to play!

  5. I'm debating whether or not to scan some of the pictures and do over my gardening shed as an homage to the gnomes…maybe they'll come and fertilize my zucchini plants in the evening since the bees are slacking LOL!

  6. Yeah people love gardening as a hobby ..:)
    and so many children like to play like this little child in mud. This way the children of this era who are limited to electronic devices will be able to connect to nature.

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