Cave Cricket Chow Down

Poor Claire, she got her first taste of insect protein tonight (at least we believe she did). Lil’ crawler was hanging out on the floor and snacking on what Dan and I thought were some leftover “O’s.” She crawled over to her Daddy for a snuggle and Dan said, “what’s that on her chin?”

It was half a cave cricket leg…ewwww.

Have the shivers? Here’s what they look like whole, we get tons in our crawlspace and Ray and Gecko consider them a delicacy judging by the carnage I vacuum up every morning. Seems Claire enjoys ’em too…yick.

4 thoughts on “Cave Cricket Chow Down

  1. HAHHAHA actually, I think that leg was on top of your DVD collection table..I forgot to tell you=P haha poor Claire Bear. She could've found another one though–those things are disgusting! Ray seems to love them though lol

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