Look Out World!

Claire doesn’t seem to need much help standing anymore. She’s now doing “wall pushups” on every flat surface in the house, although she seems to prefer the dishwasher – that strange mirrored baby in there makes her smile. The butt-out pose has been perfected and Claire’s dimpled bottom has been cushioning her landings (none of which are graceful yet).

Our little daredevil has even tried letting go of her standing aids…the longest I’ve seen her wobble is about 3 seconds…I wonder how long it will be until she can stand completely unassisted?!

Claire cruised today for the first time. She made a little circuit around the perimeter of the bed and across the couch. This new skill combined with her speed crawling should keep me busy, phew!

2 thoughts on “Look Out World!

  1. We love the pictures. Can't wait to see her tomorrow. What a great Fathers' Day it will be. By the way, Grandma CaCa looks great.

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