Smiles for Mommy

When it’s warm outside (and I define that as over 32 degrees) I strap Claire into the bjorn and trek to the mailbox with her for a little fresh air and exercise. I know you Long Islanders must be laughing because your mailbox is ON your house, but mine is a block away and is down a HUGE hill. I’m not exaggerating…it must be a 20 degree incline and when you walk back up, the incline morphs to 45 degrees somehow. Anyway, Claire usually sleeps through our outing but last week she woke up and was smiling and smiling and smiling. It was so cute I tried to snap a few pictures in the mirror when I got home. Who loves their Mommy?!

One thought on “Smiles for Mommy

  1. look at the cutie pie:) yeah, that walk isn't pleasant.. java and i used to walk that all the time..pretty tiring coming back up!! good exercise though!!! the bugs aren't fun and neither are the bees buzzing in your hair. yeah, how fun. oh, and let's not talk about the spiders in the mailbox..REGINA. haha

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