"Where are her socks?!" And other musings of the Greats…

I know I’m late posting this, the masses (especially my sisters) are screaming for new updates and photos.

This weekend we made the trek to Long Island to visit with the Greats. Amongst the comments of how cute, smart, strong and beautifully dimpled Claire was, Nan and Pop managed to sneak in a few tidbits about how COLD this baby must be!

“Where are her socks?”
“Doesn’t she wear a hat? Babies should wear a hat inside too!”
“Turn up her sleeves, they’re wet and she’ll catch pneumonia.”
“Isn’t she hungry? She only drinks milk!”

Mind you, their heat is set to 75 and this baby is sweating! I spared Nan the drama by keeping Claire dressed, but we sure did have a good time teasing her (Claire likes to go outside after a bath and feel the ice in her head!).

You should have seen the look on my grandfather’s face when I took the baby’s socks off for the jumpster…not quite as eye bulging as when I set the jumpster up on the molding, but amusing nonetheless. It took them a loooong time to relax after Claire started bouncing…but pretty soon out came the video camera and the encouragement to bounce more.

By the way, if you visit them expect to see this video. They’ve shown it to everyone who has even come near their front door in the past few days.

We had such a nice visit and Claire really hammed it up for her great-grandparents. I must make it a point to mail them more photos – the Claire shrine is looking a little sparse. Ha!

There are a few more cute photos in the original album found here. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “"Where are her socks?!" And other musings of the Greats…

  1. tell nanny my town is Fly Creek, not Sly Creek..and its 13337 not 11337 haha oh nanny=) thanks for displaying that to everyone in the world!!

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