White Meat or Dark Meat?

White meat or dark? Do you have a preference? Claire certainly does. Here’s a funny sequence of her chomping on the legs of her bug toy. But lately, the thing she’s most interested in is chewing on is her own hands. Thank goodness! If you recall there was time when she preferred her mother’s forearm.

Claire’s newest trick seems to be “gathering.” She reaches for things with both her hands in an attempt to “scoop” the item towards her mouth. More often than not she misses and winds up with a mouthful of fist…which seems to suit her fine anyway.

Claire still hasn’t rolled over, but she manages to scoot off her playmat all the time. She bends her knees and then puuuushes. Sort of like a crawl while on her back. It’s not the most elegant mode of transportation, but it gets the job done.

It’s been dinner for three at our house the past few nights. We’ve brought Claire’s high chair out of the attic and she enjoys sitting in it and watching us eat. I even gave her a baby spoon to play with last night. Another few months and she’ll be eating with us, but for now baby, you’ll have to live on “milkshakes.” Besides, with all the insect protein she’s getting from her bug, what more could she need?

3 thoughts on “White Meat or Dark Meat?

  1. Soon you and Dan will learn what a blessing baby Cheerios are to parents trying to enjoy their dinner. Take a good long look at the no mess high chair, too. Finger painting with pureed peas will be next. Oh, what fun!!! Love you guys!!!!


  2. hehe painting with peas:) maybe she'll be like you and laurie g–throwing sauce at the ceiling and flinging peas into the cupboard so she doesn't have to eat them:) hahha

  3. Scooting around on her back as she does, certainly explains the odd bald spot on the back of her head!

    Our little Claire is not going to throw peas into the cupboard! Are you honey?

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