At Long Last – Updates!

Poor Aunt Ann…dying for baby updates. If you missed her comment here it is:

“Alas, here I sit expecting another cute picture of Claire (of course they are all cute). It has been 4 long days and nights since my last baby fix. Santa’s helper must be very busy. Love you guys!!!”


If you hadn’t heard, Dan threw his back out on Saturday so I’ve been a bit slow to update the blog. Today (thanks to a potent cocktail of drugs) Dan is a bit more mobile although still not back to normal. Dan and Claire have been enjoying their time together in bed – well Dan not so much – although whenever he gets that toothless grin he can’t help but smile. Here are the two of them hanging out.

Last week, I started to notice that Claire was tracking objects. She’s really into her mobile now so we’ve set it up by her co-sleeper. Note to self – thank husband for ingenious rigging with dining room chair because the co-sleeper doesn’t have slats like a crib! Claire seems to have found a particular friend in the yellow “rooster” guy that swirls over her head. I’m not sure what these characters are supposed to be but they all have eyeballs and lacking mouths, at least they can’t frown at her like that baby in the mirror. I’m posting a picture of them so you can form your own opinion.

And if you’re in the mood for a laugh at our expense, check out this album. I’ve entitled it “holy crap!” for a reason, so if you’re easily offended by what our darling can produce skip this one. You’ve been warned! That said, I’m sure Aunt Laurie will find this especially amusing.

Claire’s favorite (she squeals the loudest as he passes by):

The other two “critters” in her mobile gang

2 thoughts on “At Long Last – Updates!

  1. Aaah! I feel better already! Thank you. Now I can continue doing my holiday prep work.

    Sorry about your back, Dan. Does your injury have anything to do with multiple heavy Jeep parts? Hope you are better very soon so that Gina soesn't have to be a nurse, too. Besides, we need her back with the camera.


    P.S. Children have a way of getting even for embarassing photos. Be very careful!!

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