Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Brrr! The cold weather seems to have really hit and sources tell us that our “snowstorm” Friday night into Saturday beat out the Maine crowd for first flakes! I was dying to get Claire outside in her little snowsuit and take a “Baby’s First Snow” picture, but our dusting melted too quickly.

I came across this photo I took after feeding Claire on Friday. I thought there is no way I can just pick her up on the boppy so I can stand and stretch – but I did and she stayed sleeping like this for almost half an hour while I worked on the PC next to her. Notice how Jack is watching over her!

4 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside!

  1. Hey, Gina and Dan

    Just wanted to say Hi and that Claire looks soooooooooooo!
    sweet and beautiful sleeping there
    Please give her an extra kiss for us

    We have been following her blog

    We hope to see her in person soon
    Luv Sandy and Linda

  2. Hey guys, cute kid. I would love to shoot her sometime. I just got a new strobe light and softbox. Oh, and I have CS3 for Pc or Mac, wichever you need.

  3. Hi Dan,Gina and Claire

    I'm so glad that you got that white stuff before us!! Claire, you're so beautiful. Can't wait to see you and hold you. Hugs and kisses to you all.

    Love Aunt Edie,Janice and Lexi

  4. What an adorable baby! I am so glad you enjoy taking these pictures, Gina. What a great way to share these early baby days that the older of us have forgotten. It's such a special time with your first and you're letting us all enjoy it through you!
    Love you all,

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