Why I should buy stock in scotch (tape that is)

There’s a great article on Wired.com by GeekDad Jonathan Liu about the 5 Best Toys of All Time. While I wholeheartedly agree about the joy of sticks, boxes, twine and above all dirt — there is a glaring omission from his most excellent article: Tape. And lots of it. Case in point: Claire’s version of London Bridge. Constructed completely on her own in a quiet … Continue reading Why I should buy stock in scotch (tape that is)

Homemade Art Materials Recipes

Ohdeedoh has a great round up of art materials that can be made at home. I posted this on my Facebook page but thought it worth mentioning here too – check it out! How to Make Flubber, Glurch, and Other Fun Art Supplies At Home I’m a big fan of homemade playdoh, we’ve had great luck with it and I often dye it with our … Continue reading Homemade Art Materials Recipes