A Craft for Little Bookworms

These cute bookworms caught my eye and I just had to share! I know the knotting might be tough for little hands, but with a slight method change (glue on some legs or use pipe cleaners) it will be accessible to even the youngest crowd. One of Claire’s favorite Christmas gifts this year was a butterfly kit and we’re getting ready to send off for … Continue reading A Craft for Little Bookworms

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Just a quick post to wish you all a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I posted last year about a frugal find for exploring sculpture and how we tied it into learning about  Saint Patrick and wanted to share for those of you new to the blog. Enjoy! Pin It http://assets.pinterest.com/js/pinit.js I hit the jackpot! Have you seen those Magic Nuudles Bloxx? They look like a … Continue reading Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

The Happy Monkey House

    Blanket forts, tree houses, tucked away closets…it’s obvious that the kiddie crowd loves to have places and spaces to call their own. Claire is no exception. Santa dropped this cardboard house off at Christmas and for the following 4 weeks Claire meticulously colored and embellished it in her own style.     Now if you’ve spent any time at all here at the blog, you know … Continue reading The Happy Monkey House

Setting Up Our Art Room and a Case of Blue Measles

I’ve unearthed a few great photos from my old computer: Modern Parents Messy Kids I took this shortly after our move to the new house when I let Claire loose with a bunch of paint and paper to keep her occupied while I neatly (ha!) unpacked our belongings. Unbeknownst to me she discovered spatter painting and seemed to have missed the paper but did a … Continue reading Setting Up Our Art Room and a Case of Blue Measles

Tech for Tots: Google’s Art Project

Thank You Google, You Rock!If you haven’t seen it yet, you must check out this site: Google’s Art Project. I am enthralled. What’s so cool about this is that in addition to the EXTREME closeups of the artwork (that’s a portion of The Starry Night in the screenshot below) is that they rode this steady-cam style bike thing around and gave us Street View…in a museum! For me … Continue reading Tech for Tots: Google’s Art Project