The Happy Monkey House

    Blanket forts, tree houses, tucked away closets…it’s obvious that the kiddie crowd loves to have places and spaces to call their own. Claire is no exception. Santa dropped this cardboard house off at Christmas and for the following 4 weeks Claire meticulously colored and embellished it in her own style.     Now if you’ve spent any time at all here at the blog, you know … Continue reading The Happy Monkey House

Creative Idea for an Art Inspired Present

I’m always on the lookout for unique gifts that encourage creativity and I just had to share this one — blank pop-up books. Paired with markers and a classic storybook it would make an awesome themed present. You might recall I blogged about our mutual obsession with pop up books and a few of our favorites a while back. Now that Claire his hit age … Continue reading Creative Idea for an Art Inspired Present

Loving Our Buddha Board!

I love when other parents share what their children enjoying playing with – it always helps me figure out what to introduce into our own toy rotation. One of Claire’s favorite art tools since Christmas has been the Buddha Board.  Everyone loves it! I’ve caught Dan doodling away many times and it was a big hit at Christmas dinner with all the grown ups. This is … Continue reading Loving Our Buddha Board!