The Not-So Itsy Bitsy Spider

What do you get after a solid 2 weeks of rain and the sun peeks out from behind the clouds for just a second? A shutterbug crazed Mom ready to take new photos of her toddler. We started of with some great pictures just playing in the grass. Then I got this brilliant idea to sit Claire on the bench in front of the blooming catmint. I took off the cushion and found THIS:

I’m all about leaving bugs and creepy crawlies to their own devices outdoors, it is THEIR home afterall. But that spider was HUGE and scary. I could see it looking at Claire’s plump little thighs (with all it’s million eight eyes and giant fangs) so I relocated it to a nice grassy spot behind the shed. I’m sure it will find lots of delicious treats back their to eat. This reminds me of another picture I took last summer: reasons to carefully check clothespins before hanging your laundry out.

Disturbingly enough, Claire took one look at the spider and said “Ray, Ray yums!” whilst licking her own chops (or sweater, see below). You may remember Claire’s affinity for insect protein in the past…but I think Claire must have figured out the secret to Ray’s “roundness” – he’s eating the giant spiders that make it into the house!

Enjoy the photos below, I’ll stop being gross now 🙂 Claire is pointing to her boo-boo on her toe in many of the photos or playing “piggies.” Isn’t she cute? 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Not-So Itsy Bitsy Spider

  1. OMG – She is getting even cuter! How is that possible? She looks so grown up with her hair in pigtails. Enjoy the halfway decent weather. Who knows when it will be nice again?

  2. Grand-Bob I totally agree she is getting cuter and more grown up every day ! Gina I cannot believe you actually touched that spider to move it, I would have changed MY location first for sure.The pictures are great and just in time since the rain is coming down again ,at least here on Long Island.

  3. FYI, Mom, I did NOT touch that creepy spider with my bare hands! I relocated him using the BBQ tongs – the LOOOOONG bbq tongs.

    Whose coming over for a fourth of July grill out?! Heehee.

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