hello my minions!

I am writing to you in secrecy. as mammy and da-da sleep, i have snuck downstiars, and taught myself how to use the computer. and the camera. you can see my top secret blog posting location here:

i have also been sneaking out to the garage to help da-da put the jeep engine together. he thinks i just was imitating him here, but i really was whispering in his ear at night what he needed to doo to get it working. i showed him how to put on the flexplate last weekend, see?:

i’ve been working on my jeep too, mommy found me an awesome one that someone was getting rid of. one day i will go for a ride with da-da. it still needs a tuneup and a new battery, but i love sitting in it, sort of like daddy does with the white jeep, see?:

well good night everyone, i have to sneak back upstairs and snuggle back with mommy, i love her so much.

by everyone!


ps, this editor is horrible, i don’t know how mommy makes such beautiful posts!

4 thoughts on “hello my minions!

  1. Oh Dan, (ooops, I mean Claire) you are too cute! Love the post and you'll have to do more of these in the future – what a nice surprise! I see now what you two were up to last night while I was upstairs!

  2. I told the both of you she was smarter than you knew ! Claire thanks for backing Grandma Ca Ca up and proving it ,I loved your post and hope to see more of them.Good job !

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