When Life Gives You Lemons…

Lessons from a toddler – when life gives you lemons, eat them. And enjoy them. Even if they’re a bit sour and strange, you worked hard to get this lemon and should relish every juicy bite. Then get really close to Mommy’s and her ever-present camera to show how much you love your lemon “yum-yum.” Don’t worry, she’ll post ’em small so nobody can tell how terribly out of focus they are!

I’ve been enjoying the most delicious drink. Half a lemon squeezed into a glass with a generous dollop of sugar. Stir and then fill with seltzer. YUM! I’ve created a lemon monster, Claire loves to scoop out the last of the pulp. I guess that’s one way to get a bit of vitamin C!

2 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Lemons…

  1. Oh my God – I am all puckered up. I don't know whether is is due to the lemons or because she is so darned cute!!!

  2. ha ha – isabella does the same thing w/ lemons. i just try to go with it too! your lemon soda drink is delish.

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