Kids Only!

I have the fondest memories of playing in a Vito & Cathy’s clubhouse as a kid. They were our neighbors across the street and we spent many afternoons holding secret society meetings and munching on wild onion grass and the anise that their mom grew. Having a space for the kids kept us out of trouble (for the most part) and gave us a sense of independence…not to mention all the fun we had!

From Claire's New Playhouse

I was so psyched to find someone giving away a playhouse their daughter outgrew, what luck! Here’s Claire enjoying her new digs – it has the sweetest little table and kitchen sink with cupboards underneath. There are even tiny window boxes for flowers complete with drainage holes in case you wanted to plant something real in there.

From Claire's New Playhouse

Spring has definitely sprung here! All the daffodils are blooming and a few days ago Claire helped me plant some onions. We’re going to get some spinach and peas in the ground soon. She’s quite the helper with her small garden hoe although I’m having some trouble getting her to leave the dirt in the pots, she seems pretty bent on making mud pies in her new sink.

As you can tell we’re really enjoying the warm weather even though we’re battling bad head colds and allergies I’m trying to get us both some fresh air throughout the day. A few more pics below:

4 thoughts on “Kids Only!

  1. We really love your new house Claire. Can't wait to come visit. We'll bring the cake , if you make the tea!

  2. How sweet=) It took long enough to get pics up!!! =P
    Claire you look very grown-up & beautiful in your playhouse =]I'll have to come over and have a sleep-over with you in your new home!!

  3. Hey, Claire, does the mailman deliver to you new house? Better check. You never know when you might get mail.

    Love A.Annie

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