Oh Happy Day!

The holidays were great, it was so nice to have Dan home for a week but I am so thankful to be back to our regular routine!

The library is running all kinds of new storytime activities with crafts that start later in the day so I won’t to drag a groggy kid (read: myself) to an early morning class. Gymboree starts back up, the roller rink…woohoo! Things to keep Claire busy and OFF my dining room chairs!

I can’t wait to see what this “Story Stop” class is like today. The library advertised that it was for kids 12 months and up, but after Claire’s crayola tadoodles mustache incident, I’m a little leery about Claire’s “crafting” ability. We’ll just have to wait and see. And besides, it’s not MY wall she’ll be drawing on! Mwah hahaha!

4 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day!

  1. Hey there! Looks like your holidays were exciting, to say the least! We miss you and need to get together soon …

    I LOVE Claire's snow suit, too. Looks like she really enjoyed the snow this time around! 🙂

  2. Kelly – The “tadoodle mustache incident” was just that – Claire got curious with how the markers tasted and missed her mouth. I have to say that Crayola is not kidding when they say washable, it came off no problem! I should have taken a photo, but I'm SURE there will be a next time when it comes to art mishaps.

  3. Haha this is great I can't believe you did not get a pictures of this! But I can almost guarantee there will be another time! I still can't believe that she is getting so big!!!

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