A Pickin’ We Will Go!


With this choice of title, I could write this entry focusing on Claire’s new found love for her nostrils (we keep finding her knuckle deep up there) – but instead I thought I’d share these sweet pictures of Claire gathering leaves in our yard.

DSC_0185 Grand-Bob and Gran-C informed us of some kind of fungus affecting the color of the sugar maples in their area. Judging by the colors we’re seeing, it seems not to have made it this far north. Phew!

Claire loves to walk around baskets in tow, and being outside made it all the more exciting. Of course the rocks in my planter held special appeal. Look at our little weightlifter! I had to stop her before she ground her little chompers down on the small boulders.


You might notice Claire is back in her birthday outfit. I was hoping to get a nice portrait of her in this getup. I actually bought this while pregnant intending it for her first birthday. DSC_0262 The hat was my favorite part and the knit shirt a close second. I didn’t get the “formal” portrait look I was hoping for (nor many shots with the hat ON)…but those posed portraits of a few short months ago  might not happen for another year. Claire is so squirmy now it’s hard to get a decent shot of her.

We should have baby cousin pictures to share any day now – McManda’s due date is November first! Hooray – a new friend for Claire!


3 thoughts on “A Pickin’ We Will Go!

  1. haha like mother like daughter(nose-picker) =P That first picture makes me tear! It's just so precious. Why is that baby just wearing a tank top? Don't you know it's fall? It's cold out!! Jeeze G. Adorable pics–yes-Michael will be here sooner than we know!! Thank God! This is getting quite tiring! =P
    Claire Bear you look so darling and mighty in these photos cutie pie!

  2. okay I'm looking at these pics close up now..and what in the WORLD is on her face in the second picture? Don't let her eat dirt!!!!

  3. Oh McManda (I should just call you Granda-Manda) you're such a grandmother sometimes! It was 78F when I took these pictures Tuesday – that's plenty warm in my book! Isn't it a rule that babies have to eat a pound of dirt before their first birthday? I was just making sure Claire had filled her quota 🙂

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