Long Awaited Updates!

I know, what a slacker Mom I am…almost 2 weeks have gone by without updates. I was expecting riots and got them –

“Update your blog!” – McManda
“Austin says that he won’t come out to play until there are new pics of his cousin, Claire.” – Aunt Annie

Especially from Aunt Aunnie…but can you blame her baby fever? Her first grandchild is due TODAY, boy oh boy!

In my defense, my hands have been busy helping Claire toddle about. Claire is so enamored with walking right now. When we were on LI last week she happily pushed her stroller around the hospital dining room for hours at a time, and did she ever sleep well those nights! Back home, Claire is walking behind her little car or attached to our fingers waddling around the living room (screeching half the time).

I felt badly that she didn’t have much maneuvering room in the living room so I had to rearrange the furniture a bit, which led to more child-proofing…you get the picture.

Claire is standing for long periods of time, waving her arms around and shaking toys while standing too. She’ll be taking those first steps any day now. I’ll get outside and take some photos of her standing today – and post them tonight, I promise.

2 thoughts on “Long Awaited Updates!

  1. Hi Claire – you are looking more and more like your dad! So glad to hear about your pending solo steps. Watch you don't bump your head! Can't wait to see you soon.

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