Swimming on the G’Island


It’s confirmed, Claire is definitely a water lover! As if we hadn’t known that before. Kelly’s in-laws invited us over to use the pool and what a great time Kaitlyn and Claire (and their mothers too!) had in the water. DSC_0170

The weather last week was perfect for swimming and the girls got a good two days in the pool together. Yes, they ARE wearing matching swimsuits. Aren’t they sweet?

There was a great assortment of flotation devices to experiment with. I of course brought Claire’s float, but Kaitlyn seemed do enjoy it most (which is like the Cadillac of baby floats , and is by far LESS expensive at Babies ‘R Us if you want one for yourself).

The A’s had life vests and swimmies and a very sinister looking floating turtle. Kaitlyn spent most of the time in the pool nervously looking around for it, “No turtle Mommy!” I was surprised at how comfortable Claire was with water-wings on. Obviously she’s not ready to swim alone, but she was comfortable enough to put her face in the water and lean on her back. Kelly was a swim instructor so we received lots of great tips!

    DSC_0190 DSC_0176 DSC_0188

There are some great photos of our day in the pool in my Picasa Album here. I haven’t had a chance to edit them yet, but there are some cute ones to see!

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