Is that a TOOTH?

Breaking news – I think I finally have a tooth spotting to report. Claire’s got something sharp poking out of her bottom gums, you can see a hole and feel a sharp edge, I’m just waiting for “visual confirmation” before making the big announcement. It seems Claire WILL have a set chompers (go ahead, breathe a sigh of relief if you were worried).

I get hate emails from the aunties if I post an entry without photos, so here are some that have not made their way to the blog yet, they might be a few weeks old and have nothing to do with teething – but enjoy anyway.

Here’s Claire chumming it up with Cat and James (she loved Cat’s tupperware) and here’s Aunt Laurie with Claire in Elmont. I’ll try for some new photos today (ideas on how to keep Claire’s mouth open for teeth shots welcome).

On a side note, I usually love Babycenter’s ideas for playtime. I wanted to share these two which seemed pretty far out, but they would make for some priceless photos. If one of you loyal readers volunteered to clean up the mess, I’d be happy to play “flour power” or “high chair art.”

Enjoy the chuckle – I know I laughed.

Flour Power Link
Highchair Art Link

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