What a Happy Baby!

Claire has started smiling which is soooo exciting. She’s always had those gas smiles (I like the Dr. Sear’s explanation that they are expressions of inner contentment, see below for the quote) but these social smiles are something totally different. She makes eye contact, grins and then sticks her tongue out while wiggling her head back and forth, it’s too cute.

The eye contact seems to be the most important step in the process which has made photographing her grins rather difficult. I tried to hold the camera in one hand and look suitably goofy for the baby while tickling her with the other hand.

Here are some of the results. I rather like the yawn sequence…”hey, can we take a break now?”

Joan Grealis mentioned how much she enjoys reading the blog and being reminded of the day to day life with a baby. Here’s a memory you might want to repress. Claire seems to be holding out on us. We change her diaper because she’s fussy and wet. And then a few minutes later – and once while being changed – she lets loose. And let us just say the result is not just a “wet” diaper. Perhaps one day I’ll shock you all and post a picture of what our little sweetheart can produce!

This weekend we’re heading down to spend Thanksgiving the grand’s house and we’ll be sure to post pictures of Claire’s Thanksgiving outfit. I learned a lesson from my last trip down – pack early and give yourself at least a 2 hour window to make it to the car. Between making sure we have enough clothes, diapers, and booties (what if her diaper leaks? better pack another onesie!) and figuring out how to fit the swing, co-sleeper and our own clothes into the car – I have a long morning ahead of me!

“Inside smiles occurring in the first few weeks, are a beautiful reflection of an inner feeling of rightness. Some are sleep grins; some are only a happy twitch in the corner of the mouth. Relief smiles occur only after being rescued from a colicky period, after a satisfying feeding, or after being picked up and rocked….Baby’s early smiles convey an ‘I feel good inside’ message and leave you feeling good inside. Be prepared to wait until next month for the true outside (or social) smiles, which you can initiate,” Dr. Sears

2 thoughts on “What a Happy Baby!

  1. I've shared this site with Nan and Allie and we are all enjoying this blog!

    Keeping up with Claire's life definitely brighten's my day.


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