Baby’s First Snow!

Yay! And this one really counts! We received about 5″ and local schools were closed. Dan worked from home today and we decided to trek outside and try for a family “snow day” picture. As you can see in this cropped version Claire was just thrilled about
it. Heehee, poor kid she couldn’t even move her arms!

5 thoughts on “Baby’s First Snow!

  1. I absolutely love this picture of the three of you, although Claire does look pretty funny! Very jealous that you got a snow day! By the way..The picture with Gina in the hat…totally looks like Amanda! Weird! Aunt Laurie

  2. Laurie, this is seriously an addiction. You posted your comment not even 10 minutes after the posting went up! Heehee, I love it!

  3. Great pics !!!!!!!!! You better keep that kid warm or I am calling Nanny hehe. Laurie is right Gina looks totally like Amanda in that picture if Amanda wasnt home today I would swear that was her !

    Grandma Ca Ca

  4. 🙂 I get bored at work…and when I want to strangle the obnoxious people I have to deal with, I come on here and look at Claire Bear!! Besides, almost every time I come on here, there's a new posting…so HA!

  5. Claire looks like she can hardly move. Looks like you had a wonderful first snow day. Too bad it all melted so quickly.


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