A Busy Weekend!

What a busy weekend! Grandma Rogers and Aunt Amanda came down from Oneonta to meet the newest addition. Claire took well to all her visitors (even if some of them were a little nervous about holding a newborn). Poor Amanda…no longer the “baby” of the family she was almost put to work changing diapers. There was just no convincing her though.

Laurie has really missed her calling as a long distance truck driver. After picking Alison up she drove up to Oneonta to get Grandma and Aunt A and then down to NJ. Thanks Laurie!

Grandma Carol is thrilled with her new grandaughter who “looks just like Dan.” Hopefully there is a splash of her mother somewhere…but after seeing Dan’s baby photos it’s apparent that his daughter is his spitting image.

Grandma Carol’s only disappointment? That the baby didn’t spend Saturday night awake and ready to party. Apparently we kept her “too quiet and happy” up there interrupting some middle of the night party that the visitors had planned for baby.

Here’s Laurie and Amanda hamming it up for the camera while deflating the air mattress…oh I mean they were collapsing in exhaustion from the trials of taking care of a newborn. 🙂

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