"Quilting" with Mod Podge and Magnets

Years ago, when my husband’s aunt got wind that I was interested in quilting, a package arrived with bunches of perfectly matched fabric squares, a few “how-to” books and a wonderful children’s book called “The Quiltmaker’s Gift.” Well, my sewing machine is still dusty and the squares unsewn, but I’m happy to report we’ve been enjoying some “quilting” on the fridge thanks to magnetic paper, … Continue reading "Quilting" with Mod Podge and Magnets

Is There Value in Digital Art Programs for Preschoolers?

Portrait of Mommy, “Drawing Pad” app for iPad I’m working up a post about digital art programs for kids and would love to hear your thoughts! I’m torn. My daughter is a prolific artist so I see occasionally surrendering my iPad as a way to save paper. We also email the pictures around to family for all to enjoy (that’s a spider below if you … Continue reading Is There Value in Digital Art Programs for Preschoolers?

Howdy Folks!

Welcome to those folks coming over from Apartment Therapy’s OhDeeDoh — how exciting to get a mention on one of my favorite websites! I hope you enjoy the Valentine’s Day Apple Chips and visit for a while. Thanks for stopping by! For more Valentine’s Day ideas check out the wreath my craft toddler made and our heart shaped bird-seed ornaments (because our feathered friends need love too). Continue reading Howdy Folks!

Saturday Snapshot

Claire and her new favorite game, “Singing Contest.” She croons from her bed while Dan and I sit in chairs and bop along. Most of the songs consist of one word (princess, penguin, instrument or alphabet are recent favorites) repeated over and over (and over) in different monotone rhythms. She seems to have her grandmother’s “gift” for pitch. We clap as directed and smile, lots … Continue reading Saturday Snapshot

Learning Activity Round Up

    I’m getting such great ideas from all the other parents at home with their “littles.” Check out the  “Tot School” and “Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers” for more ideas and weekly wrap ups.   Here’s a recap of our learning moments from the past week, be sure to click on the titles or pictures for full the full post and more photos.   Healthy Eating … Continue reading Learning Activity Round Up