A Big Hello to New Readers!

Wow, hello world! Nothing like a few thousand visitors in one day stopping by to say hi!

A lot of new friends have arrived since Marie of Make and Takes wrote about Chalk In My Pocket as one of the “9 kid craft sites you’ve got to know.” I’m unbelievably flattered, and thrilled to be sharing the spotlight with a bunch of my favorite bloggers.

If you’re new, you might enjoy these recent crafty posts, they’d be perfect playdate activities, something you could “make and take!” 🙂

The very popular bathtub puffy paint, guaranteed to get even the most reticent bather happily covered in colorful soap. I can vouch that it didn’t stain my marble or grout.
Get your nest on! It’s early spring (in my hemisphere at least) and the birds are looking for materials to weave into homes. Lend ’em a hand and reap the reward of pink, sparkly nests to observe baby chicks.
Reuse packing peanuts as a sculpting medium. Just add water and they magically stick together. File sorting stickers optional but much recommended for realistic polka-dot snake.
Thanks for stopping by and don’t be shy, I love when people leave comments and interact on Facebook!

3 thoughts on “A Big Hello to New Readers!

  1. {shaking hand} it's so nice to meet you. Yes I found you through Marie's list, I made it onto her second one :). You have an absolutely beautiful blog … and a new fan.

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