We are still here :-)

I got three emails from concerned friends in bloggy land this morning all wondering if Claire, Dan or I were sick. Seems I had a good thing going with posting multiple times a week!

No worries, we’re all fine – just moving! After flirting with the idea for a few weeks, our real estate agent showed us a house we totally fell in love with so we have raced to ready our home for sale. We’ve painted nearly every room in the house, installed new trim, renovated both bathrooms and cleaned out seven years worth of clutter from every nook and cranny (but the attic that is, I’m hoping no one dares to look up there).

Does everyone love a good before and after photo or should I avoid becoming a decorating blog? Perhaps I’ll just share Claire’s room today – mind you it never looks THIS good.

The Before (the day we found our current home)

And here is Claire’s room today. We keep a metal bucket of crayons and art supplies on that hook over her table and there were some cute hanging birds over the easel that I need to put back up.

I dislike hanging clothes nearly as much as folding socks so all of Claire’s clothes (even dresses) are folded up in the dresser freeing up the closet for a little reading nook.

Claire wants her stripes to come with her to the new house, and this time I’ll be sure to use a level when painting them. Hopefully they’re not too wonky for the next people!

12 thoughts on “We are still here :-)

  1. Super inspiring! I've been playing around with my girls' room this week, trying to simplify it and make it more peaceful. Your daughter's room came out beautiful! And I agree–it does look like it doubled in size.

  2. We're currently going through the same process, so blogging is taking a bit of a back seat – it's such hard work getting everything ready, and then of course if you sell your house, you don't get the benefit of it. It's taking me ages to do as well. Best of luck with selling – it looks great!

  3. Congratulations on your new home! Me and my partner are also currently searching for new homes for sale in New York. I love the make over you did on Claire's room. I think her room is okay without the stripes though.

  4. I completely understand your situation. There's no need to rush in finding a new house. I took me quite some time to decide on which Manila real estate property to invest in. I'm sure it's worth the wait.

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