Shaving Cream Mirror/Window Art

Claire LOVES all things art. She’s happy with her watercolors for at least an hour and draws happily with crayons and sculpts with playdough nearly everyday.

I’ve written a bit in the past about the evolution of Claire’s artwork, the unusual places we’ve painted (rocks, jeeps and unfortunately walls), and even how we reuse medical supplies in our art projects.

I recently came across a great blog about one parent’s quest to enrich her child’s art experiences. I’ve been thirsty for some new ideas and will be giving many of these activities a try in the coming weeks.


My husband (aka the bearded maniac) doesn’t shave, but for this awesome project idea I’ll make a trip down the hair removal aisle!

In autumn and winter, as the late afternoon sun pours in the front door it will be the ideal location to try out this project from The Artful Parent. I think the tinted shaving cream will be gorgeous and since my entryway is tile we’ll have a quick and easy cleanup!

In fact, it’s already one of my favorite spots to snap photos of Claire. Remember these?


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