I’m Owed Two Bits!

The tangles in Claire’s baby fine hair finally got the best of me today. I’ve been contemplating cutting it for sometime now – spurred on by our Boston visit with Alice who assured us she’s be just as cute! Seriously though, Claire’s hair is so fine that within seconds of taking it out of a ponytail it increases in volume about threefold! And lets not talk about the struggle to comb it once the knots have made themselves at home… ack! I was even thinking about putting it up to a vote on the blog, but like I said, today was the last straw.

Things were so bad that I took matters into my own hands. I just chopped about 2 inches off (much to the horror of my mother who was on the phone listening and cringing with every snip of my kitchen shears).

What do you think? Anyone care to let me try my haircutting skills on their head? I think Claire looks awfully cute, but then again I’m biased as both her mother and beautician!

4 thoughts on “I’m Owed Two Bits!

  1. Alice was right ! She's be just as cute lol (had to make fun of your typo)Hopefully she is better soon and I can see it in person.

  2. It looks adorable!! Claire is always adorable though! And no you are not allowed near my hair! Don't cut her bangs though because you probably have moms hands and poor Claire will have retarded cut eyebrows like we always did!!! 😉

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